Where should we get our photos printed?

This is a question that I’m frequently asked by my clients.  While I understand budgetary limits do not allow for each client to order professional lab prints, I strongly suggest investing in this upgrade whenever possible. Professional photo labs use better quality….everything- better ink, better paper, better chemicals, and better trained professionals to look-over each order.  The “Wals” of printing rely on cashiers who have had very little training. Please note that often these printers alter colors, grain, clarity and the over-all quality of your image.

N., a Zingara Photography client since 2011, said the following after receiving her photos from Zingara Photography:

” I have to tell you that I ordered my sets from my gallery through your lab, but I also ordered a set from Walgreens (which I know you always tell me NOT to do) just to have some now that I could send to a couple distant family members.  I don’t normally do it, but I was being impatient.  and I should have heeded your warning because OMG – it is ridiculous how much they look like total crapola!  Your lab got my order and turned it around the same day.  I will just stick to ordering from them and wait.  Digital shimigtal! The prints are SO beautiful.  I looked at my order date and the turn around was almost exactly one week.”

Your photographic legacy is worth the extra investment!  You would be surprised at how affordable they actually are. 

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