Portraits: Ting

It’s my honor to introduce our very first “Shands Project” model: Ting. Ting’s photos will be used for educational materials as part of this on-going project.  Through the “Shands Project”, we strive to bring awareness of craniofacial conditions and compassion to those affected by Cleft Lip & Palate.  Our models are encouraged to be themselves during their shoot, but most importantly, to embrace their beauty!

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Did you know:

Cleft lip & Cleft palate affect 1 in 700 births.

Many patients undergo an average of five surgeries during their first few years of life.

Cleft Lip/Palate can be detected in ultrasounds.

The exact cause is unknown, however thousands of families have taken part in an on-going research project.  With their participation, the  gene may soon be isolated.

8 thoughts on “Portraits: Ting

  1. Hi, my two children were Shands patients. My son had lip and pal. and my daughter had just the pal. I’m so glad to see someone celebrating the beauty these kids have. My son is a little insecure about his smile, but when he smiles he lights up a room. Thank you for this project.

  2. My daughter had a cleft palate. She is now 9 an is a patient at shands. Her cleft was a supprise to us we had no idea untill she was born. This would be a great selfesteam builder for her. She is a beautiful child but doesnt know it.

  3. You have changed my sons life….we are all unique…we are all special…we are all loved. Thank you Shands, thank you Zingara for sharing…

  4. Hi, my son was born in China (2007) had his lip repaired there, we brought him home in June 2008 and had the pal. repaired at Shands in December 2008. He is just noticing that his lip, nose and mouth are different but it sure doesn’t stop him from smiling. laughing and stealing everyone’s heart! Precious child of mine! Thanks for showing the world the beauty of these children! Sandy Eggers

  5. Why just 18 and younger? I’m a 31 year old college educated mom with a “normal” child! I think models of all ages would be awesome!!!!

    1. I guess I should have made myself more clear. I am a 31 year old college educated mom who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Growing up was a struggle and school was hell. I was brutally picked on. But I made it. I grew up, graduated from college, got married and I’m the mom of a “normal” little girl. I think models of all ages would be a great idea. Kids need to see adults with clefts, so that they know that they to will grow up and do amazing things!!!!!

      1. Sara, I completely agree with you! Children affected by Cleft certainly do need adult role models. Please check your e-mail when you have a chance! 🙂

  6. My daughter Maggie is 5 months old and will have her fist surgery in 6 days. She has a complete bilateral cleft with a turned premaxilla. It is so good to see the amazing photos you have taken of ting and Jackson!! Thank you for sharing them.

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